Ukrainian radicals spray-painted windows of a Sberbank office in the Ukrainian city of Ternopol Saturday and blocked entrance with concrete blocks in a yet another attack against a Ukrainian subsidiary of Russia’s biggest lender, the local Teren newspaper said.




“Activists have spray-painted windows and pasted leaflets on them. At the moment, the activists are literally sealing off the entrance,” the report says.


Numerous offices of banks with Russian capital have been attacked by radicals in Ukraine, who demand that their activities are banned by the country’s legislature and their licenses are revoked by the Ukrainian Central Bank.


Since March 13, Ukrainian nationalists have been blocking activities of Sberbank’s central office in Kiev, pitched tents in front of the building, made bonfires. Outlets of other banks have been attacked as well.


On Thursday, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko imposed sanctions against five banks with Russian state capital operating in the Ukrainian market. Restrictions are introduced for a year against Sberbank, VS Bank, Prominvestbank, VTB Bank and BM Bank and include a ban on withdrawal of funds outside of Ukraine, as well as payment of dividends, interest, return of interbank deposits and loans, funds from correspondent accounts of subordinated debt. The ban also concerns distribution of profits and capital of these five banks.




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