The return of the Crimea to Russia were among those historical events whose meaning is understood by virtually all in the moment, when they do happen, in fact, is the surest indicator of the magnitude of the incident.



It is not surprising that the reunification of the Crimea according to recent polls, our citizens put on a par with the victory in the great Patriotic war and Gagarin’s flight. Moreover, “the return of the Crimea” takes the second place among all that people are proud of in Russian history, second only to May 9 (83% proud of Winning) and slightly outperforming on 12 April (43 to 41%).


Do not think we have exaggerated the significance of what happened three years ago? It is understandable that people choose first what was the witnesses themselves or on which they were raised. It would be strange if the majority of our contemporaries Herodias victory over Napoleon, or the capture of Kazan. But the importance of the events of March 18, 2014 justified in every sense – first and foremost, because that means not only the return of the Crimea to the home port.


Then started the “Russian spring” ended “Russian winter”. Which was almost a quarter of a century since, when the “errors of the reformation” was the collapsed Soviet Union. Many thought that this winter would be eternal. Of course, she was not so angry as in the 90s – the beginning of 2014 Vladimir Putin has been fixed “heaters”, and most of the “Russian house” was not only live, but also to make their plans… But the General sense of “loser” was still crucial for the collective unconscious of the Russian people.


Victory at the Sochi Olympics in February 2014 is now perceived as an omen of impending if the Crimea. March returned to the Russian sense of victory – although it would seem, at the moment we “only” brought back some of the lost. But back, overcome, said, all, stop, “go back there”. This was all straightened and the spring, which then reminded the West that Putin, a challenge and a new Chapter in Russian history. And not only the Russian – Crimea became a milestone, a transition to another period in world history.


The fact that this step was taken by Vladimir Putin, does not mean that all the matter in some of his special determination. No, all this went on. Although Putin’s personal role in the events of those days, of course, huge. But the President still acted as a follower of Russian history, as a conductor of Russian national interests, as a tool in the hands of Russian civilization. That will be the Crimea, it was clear even in 2000, when the country turned from the cliff to the collection; in 2007, when Putin announced that Russia is back. Crimea was predetermined by the fact of recovery of Russia. And when it really happened, it became clear that everything goes according to plan.


Not the mythical “Putin’s plan” and the plan of Russian history, which no one saw, but which, in fact, all work. Plan of recovery, gathering, expanding. Through which millennial Russia grew, fell, got up again and flourished.


And even those trials that brought the Crimea, in the same natural and justified, even if harsh, and even terrible. It’s not about the embargo or sanctions, which have already and do not remember the Russian people, and about the civil war, in which fell the Ukraine, that is part of the Russian world. Yes, now the civil war suspended, but even in the cold phase it is an emergency threat. In the first place by the fact of the constant threat of resumption. But the fact that the turmoil in Ukraine continues, and we still have to do very much to stop a geopolitical operation in the juxtaposition of the two parts of a whole, to counter the plan to bleed “Ukraine – not Russia” with Russia as such.


And there is no doubt that everything will work out – maybe not as quickly as we would like, but it will. Russian and the world will once again be United, and Ukraine will return home, and all wounds are beginning to heal. For this there are the favorable external circumstances (which, incidentally, are changed due to the Crimea), and the necessary internal discipline. And the main thing – that Russia started, turned, went.


In the case of Ukraine, this means that no matter how the opposite side, an adequate response will not be because we act not just as seniors, but as a wise brothers. Unfortunately, to cure darkened Russia can not now. But can closely observe how they get to the end, that is their own hands destroy them fell into the hands of Ukraine. Watch to the right time to pick up on the hands of the collapsing “Independent”.


Crimea is not brought all the questions of the future of Russia to what is happening in Ukraine. It was the changes in the Russian consciousness as a whole, helped to accelerate the understanding of their place in the world and its self-sufficiency. But not as the Russian Federation, and how great of Russia, as Russian world, Russian civilization. It’s a different scale, is another responsibility, but it is also much greater opportunities.


Russia may not be easy, normal state – not because the Russian “it’s not like people”, but because we haven’t fulfilled his duty, did not comply with the historical minimum that we owe to our ancestors. This silent majority of the Russian people, which stares at us from eternity. And 18 March 2014, we began to take the exam in front of Russian history.




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