Over a dozen people suspected of having links to the Daesh terrorist group, banned in a range of states, including Russia, have been arrested in Morocco, the country’s Interior Ministry said in a statement.




A total of 15 people, who are said to have been operating in a number of the cities across the country, were detained.


“The fifteen taken into custody were found to be operating in the cities of Casablanca, Fez, Nador, Tétouan, Essaouira, Fqih Bensaleh, Tangier, Marrakesh, Oujda and Agadir,” the Friday statement says, as quoted by Morocco World News.


The arrested are believed to have been preparing a series of terrorist acts in Morocco, according to the Interior Ministry. Some of the suspects are thought to have planned the assassinations of public and military figures.


The arrests were carried out on Thursday and Wednesday.




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