The German government has launched an investigation into the case of the package rigged with explosives addressed to the German Finance Ministry and allegedly sent by the Greek anarchists group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire via the Greek postal service, German Interior Ministry’s spokesman Tobias Plate said Friday.




On Wednesday, a package marked with a Greek postal service stamp and allegedly sent on behalf of Adonis Georgiadis, a Greek opposition lawmaker, was intercepted by the German Finance Ministry’s mail department in Berlin. The following day, a second package exploded after being opened at the IMF Paris office. One staff member was injured in the incident. The Greek anarchists group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire have claimed responsibility for both packages.


“The investigation is conducted by the Berlin authorities,” Plate said at the press briefing.

The spokesman added that specialists from German federal institutions, particularly the federal crime police, may also become involved in the investigation if necessary.


Earlier in the day, Greek police launched a parallel investigation into the incident.




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