If you thought that the Holy Wars were left in history then you’re wrong according to the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. Speaking at a rally in Antalya, Cavusoglu warned Europe that if they continue to follow the trend of hatred towards Islam the consequences could be disastrous. His words come amid the recent diplomatic escalation between Turkey and the Netherlands and the elections in the key European state. In his words there is no difference between the Social democrats and Geert Wilders whom he calls a fascist.




It’s becoming more and more popular for European politicians to play the “Muslim card” in their elections’ campaigns. The EU countries have been torn apart amid the migrant crisis which has affected negatively the opinion of the EU citizens towards the Muslim population and Islam as a whole. Most of the candidates are taking advantage of this situation by inflicting fear and proposing bans such as one on the Koran or on certain mosques.


On the other hand, Turkey has been blackmailing and using political pressure on the EU as they can always send a few hundred thousand more or even million migrants towards Western Europe which will lead to a complete catastrophe to those countries. Nevertheless, President Erdogan is benefiting from the reaction of the Netherlands as he’s hoping to get more rights and make Turkey a presidential republic on the upcoming referendum in the country. If the citizens of Turkey vote for this change, Erdogan would have almost supreme rights and power just like the ones of the sultans in the Ottoman Empire.




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