Representative of the Hungarian opposition party “Dialogue for Hungary” (PM), Timaea Sabo, made an official request to the Minister of the Interior of Hungary about the situation with fraud around obtaining Hungarian citizenship in Transcarpathia.




Among the issues she was interested in were the following: How many people received passports illegally and what is the risk to national security?Also Sabo asked what guarantees the government gives, that the fraudulent “business” on citizenship will not continue in the future.


According to the Minister of the Interior of Hungary, Shandor Pinter, 55 people have now been brought to justice for fraudulent activities related to the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship.


At present, 26 criminal cases have been opened, 16 have already received prosecutorial indictments, two cases have been completed.


The minister also said that the relevant authorities are doing everything to identify and eliminate any threat to national security.




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