A second explosion occurred in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Wednesday, state TV reported.




“A terrorist explosion in the Rabweh area in Damascus,” state TV reported. The blast reportedly took place in a restaurant in Damascus’ north-west, a security source told.


According to the source, law enforcement officials pursued three suicide bombers who intended to blow themselves up after the terrorist attack that occurred earlier in the day. One of the terrorists entered the restaurant and activated an explosive device.


The number of possible victims of the blast is unknown so far, but there are killed and injured, the source said.


Earlier in the day, a suicide bomber caused an explosion in the Palace of Justice in Damascus killing at least 31 and injuring 60.


According to al-Watan newspaper, the suspected terrorist intended to attack at a time when there was a large crowd in the lobby of the Palace of Justice. Police tried to detain him, but he managed to break through and activate the explosive device attached to his body.


The two explosions on Wednesday took place four days after a deadly twin suicide blast in Damascus. On Saturday, two blasts occurred near Bab al-Saghir cemetery in Damascus. Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad Shaar confirmed that at least 40 people were killed and 120 injured as a result of the attack.




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