French Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen has pledged that France will be Britain’s Brexit ally if she wins the election in May.




The comment by the leader of the Front National came in an exclusive interview on the 7pm Nigel Farage Show on LBC today where she restated her plans to take France out of the EU, destroy the euro and eradicate radical Islam.


Mr Farage made it clear he is not endorsing the controversial Ms Le Pen, who has modernised her previously racist party, but is giving her an opportunity to address the 300,000 French voters in London because Prime Minister Theresa May helped her leftwing rival Emmanuel Macron.


In the interview, Ms Le Pen hit out at the way leading EU figures have tried to intimidate and punish Britain after Brexit.


And she promised to forge a close relationship with Britain and guarantee the rights of UK citizens in her country.




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