Russia will hand over its groundwork on Syria’s constitution to the members of delegations at the talks in Kazakhstan’s Astana, head of Russia’s delegation Alexander Lavrentyev said on Tuesday.



“We are not going to discuss any draft constitution,” said Lavrentyev, who is the president’s special envoy for the Syrian settlement.


“Of course, we have some groundwork on political issues that we plan to hand over to the members of delegations for further consideration of preparations for another round of talks in Geneva.”


“We believe this may be useful,” the diplomat said. “These are the issues on the creation of a constitutional commission on drafting the constitution.” He gave no details on the composition of this commission. “These are details that are not revealed now, this will be directly decided in Geneva.”


“There are a lot of issues that concern indirectly the issues of political solution,” he said. “They will be also considered now during the consultations here.”


Astana hosts another round of the international meeting on settling the Syrian crisis on March 14-15. Preliminary consultations are held on Tuesday and on Wednesday participants will gather for a plenary meeting.




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