German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere claims that Daesh terrorist group is linked to plotting a terrorist attack in a shopping center in the German city of Essen.




The Islamic State (Daesh) terrorist group is linked to plotting a terrorist attack in a shopping center in the German city of Essen, prevented by the police, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said Sunday.


“The connection with the so-called Islamic State terrorist group is obvious. In fact, there is evidence… instructions from the region from a person, who went there. It shows, to what extent the connection is close, and it is good that the law enforcement agencies on the federal level were vigilant,” de Maiziere said in the air of ARD broadcaster.


On Saturday, German police closed a shopping mall in Essen amid security concerns over possible terrorist attack and conducted searches in neighboring Oberhausen city, detaining two people. No reports, whether the detainees are considered to be suspects in the planned attack, have been provided yet.




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