WikiLeaks shoots and hits. CIA hackers claimed to be from FSB


Information fights in America have reached such a heat that sensational revelations occur almost daily. The Americans have just been put of accusing the nearest employees of President Donald Trump in cooperation with the “Russian special services.” The charges were built on a “leak” of wiretapping materials from the Russian embassy, organized by the CIA. The accusations were concocted in such a way that the main spy was the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and the innocent adviser to the president on security issues, Michael Flynn was fired without serving even a month.


WikiLeaks shoots and hits. CIA hackers claimed to be from FSB


However, the triumph of Trump’s opponents has quickly ended when the WikiLeaks website published 8761 documents about the intervention of US intelligence services into the US domestic policy.


The materials cover various aspects of the CIA’s activities, which, along with the NSA are engaged in wiretapping around the world. However, unlike the NSA, which operates on the principle of a vacuum cleaner, which draws all the information debris of the planet into itself, the CIA aims targeted operations. It specializes in specific issues, which, as a rule, are determined by the country’s political leadership.


The next strongest wave of disclosure WikiLeaks caused in Germany, which once again turned out to be a springboard for American spies. Now the media is discussing the role of the US Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main, turned into a hornet’s nest of professional American hackers.


However, why exactly Germany, but not France or Italy, for example? German newspapers wrire ironically: probably because spies fly from the USA to Frankfurt am Main by Lufthansa, which offers free alcoholic beverages. However, the role is played by the fact that the German authorities will never touch the American information cracker. Moreover, the hackers receive diplomatic passports.


Yes, and the location of the consulate is convenient. From here, you can hack networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In general, all over the world. According to Wikileaks, hackers are armed with such wonderful virus programs as Abriss-Truppe or McNugger, capable of penetrating not only into computers and mobile phones, but even into TVs connected to the Internet.


However, the German press is not limited to sarcasm about the dirty CIA cases, because this time everything is much more serious: Wikileaks publishes sensational evidence that hackers from the CIA were pretending to be hackers … from the Russian FSB.


In other words, the sensational hacking of the mail servers of the US Democratic Party and other important facilities were carried out by experts…  of an American special services to extradite them for the attacks of the “Kremlin spies”. It turns out that in the American spy agency or affiliated organizations was found a “mole” that told WikiLeaks that the CIA has a special department that mimics the work of foreign hackers. In particular, Chinese and Russian.


“This may give rise to a discussion about the alleged impact of Russia on the presidential campaign in the United States”, Tagesspiegel writes citing the American electronic publication Wired. “It’s a completely different direction: theoretically, American spies could have hacked the mail servers of American politicians to imitate a Russian attack”.


But President Trump had long argued that there were no Russian attacks. And he accused American intelligence agencies that they allow leakage of classified information. The expert in the field of cybersecurity James Lewis from the American Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) believes that a new Wikileaks publication will help Trump in his fight against his own special services. And in fact: after those leaks, there was widespread speculation that Barack Obama was behind the scandal with “Russian hackers”. And the other day Trump directly accused Obama that he had wiretapped his headquarters in the “Trump Tower.” The intrigue is ripening.


The whole story has inner logic. Someone who is far-sighted gives time to public opinion to unfold in a new direction, where there is more and more doubt about the legitimate nature of CIA activities. There is a growing debate that the American computer security system faces not at all the problems that are being screamed. It turns out that in this area not Russians, but their own special services are messing around.


Now everyone waits for new WikiLeaks bunch on the topic of Trump’s headquarters wiretapping. It is difficult to even imagine the possible political consequences of such a leakage. By its explosive power, it can be equal to Watergate.


What will bring next WikiLeaks move? Trumptowergate?