The House of Representatives of the United States Congress provided for the allocation of $ 150 million for military support to Ukraine in the law (Resolution 174, introduced by Republican Liz Chini) on appropriations for military needs in the new financial year, until October 1, 2017. 




As reported by Irina Friz, the chairman of the subcommittee on security of state information systems of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, on her Facebook page, the document had been supported by 371 representatives of the lower house of the US Congress, with only 48 parliamentarians voting against it. 


‘The document states that these funds will be available to the Pentagon in order to provide Ukraine with military support, including, in particular, the provision of lethal weapons of defensive character and equipment, logistics support, intelligence support for the Ukrainian army and national security forces, training Ukrainian armed forces and so on,’ wrote Friz. 


She emphasized that the document provided for the provision of Ukraine with lethal weapons of defensive character. The document is to be approved by the Senate of the US Congress, but Friz expressed the conviction that the senators could remark only on the budget of the US armed forces.




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