Ukraine will have to discuss all provisions of the Package of Measures to implement the Minsk agreements, including its political section, acting Foreign Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Natalia Nikonorova said on Friday.



“The Package of Measures was endorsed by a United Nations Security Council resolution. So, Ukraine’s negotiators will have to discuss all political provisions, starting from the Steinmeier formula, which is still a matter of top priority,” the Donetsk News Agency quoted her as saying in comment of the statement by Kiev’s representative in the political subgroup Olga Aivazovskaya.


Nikonorova stressed that no amendments had been introduced to the Minsk package and all its provisions were on the agenda until they were fully implemented. She said that Kiev’s allegations that elections and constitutional reforms had been removed from the agenda were another example of Kiev’s strategy geared to protract the negotiating process.


Aivazovskaya said earlier that the issues of elections in Donbass and the constitutional reform in Ukraine had been removed from the agenda of the Minsk talks. Later, she provided explanations and tried to soften the wording, saying that security issues were to be resolved first.




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