Syria’s Foreign Ministry has sent complaints to the UN Secretary-General and UN Security Council President over the Turkish army’s continuing “aggression” against the war-torn country, the SANA news agency reported Friday.




In its letters, the ministry also demanded from the UN and the international community to oblige Turkey to withdraw its troops from Syrian territory.


The foreign ministry said Turkey is responsible for destroying Syria’s infrastructure, for the killing of tens of thousands of innocent children and for supporting terrorist groups, the media reported.


All actions of the Turkish forces were authorized by direct instruction of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said in the complaints.


On Thursday, a well informed source on the ground told Sputnik the Turkish army and its allies in the Euphrates Shield operation shelled Syrian border guard units deployed near the Kurdish-held Syrian city of Manbij, killing and injuring several people.


The border guard was deployed in the village of Arima, in the western suburbs of Manbij, the source said, specifying that the shelling took place at night.




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