During the filming in India CNN’s “Believer” anchorman Reza Aslan tried a piece of the brain of a deceased person and said that the main organ of the central nervous system reminded him of charcoal. In Facebook, he noted that the brain was previously roasted at the stake.




A representative of a Hindu religious sect of agori practicing ritual cannibalism, shared the piece of a brain with Aslan. During the program, he was wiped by the deceased’s ash, and a crown of bones and jaws was put on his head. In addition, the program showed how one of the agori gnawed the remains.


The release caused a flurry of criticism from the Hindus. As reported by The Washington Post, Aslan was accused of mistaken understanding of Indians and desecration of their culture. Users of social networks attacked the CNN, accusing the channel of wanting to make a rating due to shocking footage.




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