In the vicinity of the locality of Kominternovo, in the south of the DPR, journalists from the News Front agency came under the AFU fire. This was reported by the head of the agency, Konstantin Knyrik. 




‘They tried to record the consequences of the «implementation of the Minsk Agreements» on the part of the AFU terrorists, namely, the destruction, so, they were moving, and shells began to land,’ he said. 


‘The war correspondent Phillip Preobrazhensky says that there is a feeling that it was not just peaceful people who were shelled, but journalists recording the consequences,’ explained Knyrik. 


‘The 122mm caliber worked, that is, not even mortars, but heavy artillery, our correspondent says that it looked like a «Nona»,’ he added. 


As a result of the shelling, the journalists received light shrapnel wounds. The editorial machine received serious damages.




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