Western historians: Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory is a liar


Famous Western historians Jared McBride, Tarik Amar and Helen Jule have issued an open letter calling on Vladimir Vyatrovich, director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance (UINP), not to participate in the conference on the Holocaust of Jews in Ukraine, which will be held in Paris on March 9-11, 2017.



“Vyatrovich’s pseudoscientific activity has one goal – the glorification of Ukrainian nationalist organizations, not limited to the OUN-UPA. To achieve this goal, he repeatedly manipulated the facts and fell to lies when it came to the question of the participation of Ukrainian nationalists in the Holocaust … He denied the participation of Ukrainian nationalists in the ethnic cleansing of Volhynian Poles and worked tirelessly to justify the crimes of the OUN-UPA against the peaceful Polish population”, says the letter.


Further, the letter emphasizes the anti-scientific nature of the inventions of Pan Vyatrovich, who “are criticized by scholars from Berlin to California in various serious magazines”.


The authors of the letter as people belonging to a scientific corporation pay attention to the fact that Vyatrovich does not have any publications in respectable academic magazines. He is afraid that such a publication, if it appears, will provoke a flurry of criticism from authoritative experts.


“We can not understand why a person with such a bad reputation is invited to read the report to a society of respected scientists,” the letter’s authors summarize.


The letter was prepared in three languages – French, English and Polish. The authors of the letter are recognized specialists in the field of studying nationalist movements in Eastern Europe. Dr. Jared McBride is a fellow at Columbia University, author of books and articles. Tarik Amar is a graduate of Princeton University, the author of many articles written, including in co-authorship with other scientists, and revealing the criminal nature of Ukrainian nationalism.





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