Another grand speech of the German leftist has blown up social networks: with characteristic irony Sahra Wagenknecht just smeared the main politicians of the ruling coalition Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz, and heavily criticized the NATO policy of the arms race with Russia.




I would like to tell about a revolutionary proposal of Martin Schulz, made at a time when he was the president of the European Parliament. Then no one did not pay attention on these worlds, and I myself only recently read the statement. So Schultz proposed to ban fake news.


I was stunned. What does it mean to ban the Bild newspaper? But then we need to silence the Chancellor – nothing more comes to mind. Judge for yourself, there she always enthusiastically says, although in recent years is no longer so enthusiastic, but at least keeps telling that “all is well in Germany.”


Sometimes the Chancellor even says “we are doing better than ever”. But this is a classic fake!


Let us turn to another issue. Merkel and her friends tell us about the need to increase military spending. In connection with these statements I have a feeling that NATO have previously spent all money on yoga mats or health status.


As we are told, now we have to do something on the issue of weapons, to be able to resist armed to the teeth Russians. And then I thought – well, yes, we really do not have weapons. But is that true?


I look at military expenditure of these “terrible Russians” and it turns out that they spend on armaments $66 billion a year. That is, we spend – $900 billion, when the other side spends 66 billion dollars. Even if you add Chinese arms with its defense budget to the cost of Russia, still this figure will be no more than costs of European countries – NATO members.


And after that, we are quite seriously told we need to arm ourselves even more, because we are so much threatened! What kind of stupid people they are?


No, we do not need new weapons! Throwing more money on weapons of death – is a scandal!


Quite ofter we the Left, are called incapable of running the country, using this statement as an alibi, saying that with us it is no need to build a coalition. But we, the Left, are able to run the state, because we do not defend the interests of lobbyists capital and armaments industry, we stand for the fact that in this country finally came social justice – not in the form of pre-election chatter, but in the form of the real politics!




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