A rally in support of civilian population in Donbass suffering from the armed conflict was held in central Prague near the residence of the Czech president on Sunday.


Participants in the rally organized by the civil initiative Czech-Slovak Sejm called on the country’s authorities and the leaders of the European Union to extend effective support to people living in Donbass.


“We call on the Czech leaders, the European Union and the world community to react to the economic blockade of Donbass and press Kiev to stop aggressive actions of the Ukrainian army which cause sufferings to civilians in Donbass. The region is on the verge of a social disaster,” told Alexander Naumov, a spokesman for the rally organizers


Also rallies of the international campaign Stop Genocide of Donbass Population coordinated by the organization of the same name with support from the International Anti-fascist Union were held on Sunday in a number of Italian cities, including Rome and Venice.




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