“I have the same concern on a possible influx of Ukrainian radicals as well as Islamist fanatics. And these radicals will sooner or later run out of the country to avoid trial”, said the MP of the Czech Parliament Zdenek Ondráček.




At that MEP from the Czech Republic Jaromír Kohlíček claims that Prague will be supported by other EU countries, who will try to block the initiative to grant Ukraine visa-free regime. 


“This could include the Benelux countries, especially Holland and Belgium, which have a negative experience with large flows of migrants from Arab countries. Portugal, Italy and Spain could also make a stand against as there are an acute problem of unemployment. In the last (Spain)Ukrainians are now one of the largest groups of migrants. Italy faces great difficulties with immigrants from Romania. Concerns about own labor markets can play a key role in the future of the voting”, Kohlíček said.


Slovakia is not also thrilled with the idea of visa-free regime with Ukraine.


“EU residents could lose their jobs, because the Ukrainians are ready to work for little money, as a result it may raise tensions between local residents and migrant workers from Ukraine”, says a spokesperson for the opposition Slovak party “Kotleba – People’s Party “Our Slovakia” Milan Uhrik.


In turn, the deputy from the Socialist Party of the Dutch Parliament Harry van Bommel believes the visa-free regime will only exacerbate the problem of illegal migrants.


“The EU is attractive for a such country as Ukraine. Illegal migration would negatively impact both on visitors themselves, who are often forced to live in poor conditions, and on the European labor market. In the Netherlands already works a large number of illegal migrants and visa-free regime will only exacerbate the situation. So I advise you not to take this decision”, said the Dutch politician.




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