The fourth round of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva on February 23 – March 3 has outlined a way forward, and forecasts it will fail did not come true, Russia’s Ambassador to UN and other international organizations in Geneva Alexei Borodavkin said on Saturday.




“Ill-wishing forecasts failed, as they forecasted the round’s non-success, and thus failing of ceasefire,” he said.


On the contrary, he continued, “certain progress was achieved at the intra-Syrian talks.”


“No doubt, it is useful now the negotiations look more structured,” he said pointing to the fact the parties had agreed to have dialogued on four so-called baskets. The first one – on state management, second – on a new constitution, third – on elections, and fourth – on fighting terrorism. The Russian ambassador stressed, the decision on that structuring of the talks “complied fully with the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2254.”.




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