Servicemen of the Syrian army have fully liberated the civilian airport east of the Syrian city of Palmyra from Daesh militants, a source on the ground told Sputnik on Friday.




“The assault detachments of the Syrian army have suppressed the last Daesh centers of resistance in the Palmyra airport. The object is under full control of the government forces,” the source said.


Another source told Sputnik that the army is clearing the airport’s territory from terrorists.


“An operation to clear the area is underway now,” the source said.


The militants still remain in the area and return fire, the source added.


The Syrian Army regained control over Palmyra earlier on Thursday with support of the Russian aircraft operating in Syria.


Daesh seized Palmyra, which was the capital of the Palmyrene Empire and one of the richest cities of the Roman Empire, in May 2015. Terrorists destroyed a number of historic sights designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Arch of Triumph, the Temple of Baalshamin and the Temple of Bel. Jihadists also looted the national museum and the famous Palmyra’s necropolis.




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