Russian armed forces were not involved in the attack on the humanitarian convoy at Aleppo in 2016. This is the conclusion of the UN International Commission of Inquiry incidents in Syria. Despite the fact that Moscow has repeatedly pointed to its noninvolvement, namely that incident was used by the Western politicians as evidence of war crimes in Syria and the reason for the possible extension of sanctions.




The report of the UN International Commission of Inquiry incidents in Syria noted that Russia has no relation to the attack on a humanitarian convoy in September 2016 in the outskirts of Aleppo. In addition, none of war crimes committed in Syria, was not attributed to Russia in that document.


The authors came to this conclusion by examining the type of ammunition used, the size and duration of the attacked area.


Moscow has repeatedly stated that all reports of alleged Russian involvement in the attack on humanitarian convoy are baseless. Request to provide evidence remained unanswered. After the United States tried to blame the incident on Russia, the United Kingdom reported that supposedly has satellite images, proving Moscow’s involvement in the attack. These allegations were denied by the Defense Ministry of Russia. Now there is an official UN refutation.


“Numerous occasions and allegations of discharges of homemade bombs with chlorine from helicopters, resulting in civilian casualties” had been stated in the report.


“Based on the fact that all these incidents were the result of dropped bombs from aircraft, it is concluded that the attacks were committed by the Syrian Air Force. The use of chlorine fits into the scheme of action, which was observed in 2014 and 2015 “, stated in the UN report.




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