Chief Strategist of the White House and US President Advisor Donald Trump, Steve Bannon received a letter from the leaders of the Montenegrin Democratic Front Milan Knezevic and Andrija Mandic, reports Wall Street Journal. The letter contains the reasons why Montenegro is not ready to join NATO.




Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee as well as congressman Dana Rohrabacher have received the copies of the document.


According to media reports, the letter contains an analytics of the Montenegrin historian Alexander Rakovic. He claims that Montenegro has not fulfilled any of the conditions to entry into the alliance.


“Montenegro is not able to ensure its own security, to fight corruption and the materials about organized crime are regularly published in the US media”, the author writes.


According to research by organizations such as Freedom House, Amnesty International, as well as in the annual report of the US State Department from 2015, Montenegro is described as an authoritarian country with a strong criminogenic situation where violates the freedom of speech and press.




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