Kurdish politician and member of the Syrian Democratic Council opposition party said that it is impossible to create a joint Syrian opposition delegation for the talks in Geneva because of opposition groups’ inconsistent goals and lack of common platform.




It is impossible to create a joint Syrian opposition delegation for the talks in Geneva because of opposition groups’ inconsistent goals and lack of common platform, Kurdish politician and member of the Syrian Democratic Council opposition party Reyzan Heidu told Sputnik on Wednesday.


“It is difficult to create a joint opposition delegation because each platform differs from another. At the same time the coordinator states have great influence. That is why maybe it would be better to create a single delegation rather than the joint one. Creation of the joint delegation under the common platform and with same thoughts … is at the moment impossible. At the same time, in the single delegation everybody could retain positions but reach consensus on key issues,” Heidu said.


He said that the Kurdish delegation did not participate in the Geneva talks because of the Turkish position as well as internal political situation in Syria.


Heidu also called on Syrian politicians to protect the rights of Syrian Kurds.


“The negotiations must be held in Syria in Latakia, Damascus or Afrin … in order to come to respecting the rights of Kurds in single Syria, and, as a result, to full coordination between the Syrian army and Kurdish units under the single motto of fighting against terrorism and enemies willing to divide the Syrian land,” the politician added.


The fourth round of UN-backed intra-Syrian talks between the government and opposition factions kicked off in Geneva last week.


A hope for opposition’s unification emerged after UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura brought together all the parties to the talks, in particular the HNC, the Moscow platform and the Cairo platform, during a welcoming speech at the official opening ceremony of the talks. The matter remains, however, unresolved.




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