Participants of the rally from Montenegro to Brussels have visited Croatia. This is another former republic, which has already joined the Alliance. And opponents of such a move still consider it was a mistake.




“NATO is an imperialist alliance that protects only the powerful leaders such as the US, and, of course, the elite of these countries, – said during the meeting with the leader of the movement “Living Wall” Vilibor Sincic.- That is why Montenegro needs referendum on NATO. We had a referendum on joining the EU, but it wasn’t accompanied by a qualitative discussion, only with one-sided propaganda. This pattern is currently in use in Montenegro”.


Another member of the “Living Wall”, famous Croatian politician Ivan Pernar had also met the activists. Healso expressed support for the rally and for their information needs presented a smartphone.



Participants of the rally visited the monument to the victims of the concentration camp “Jasenovac” in Croatia – a terrible place where the Nazis killed tens of thousands of Serbs.


The rally from Podgorica to Brussels is headed by journalist and politician from Montenegro, the founder of the “Movement for neutrality” Marko Milacic. The aim is to directly convey the need for a referendum in Montenegro to the NATO headquarters. Now the ruling party plans to take this decision only by a vote in parliament.




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