Serbia does not recognize the independence of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”, no matter what it was suggested or whatever the pressure were. This was announced today at the UN meeting dedicated to the issue of Kosovo and Metohija by the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic.

He also called on those countries which don’t recognize “Kosovo” not to succumb to pressure.

The President spoke about a number of anti-Serb steps conducted by the authorities of the unrecognized “Republic”, the most striking of which was stopping of the Belgrade – Kosovska Mitrovica train and attempt to organize a terrorist attack against it. He paid special attention on the issue of the Association of Serbian communities in Kosovo – the condition of the international community, ignored by Pristina.

New Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vladimir Safronikov, like its predecessor, Vitaly Churkin, categorically supported Serbia.

“Kosovo” is the partially recognized state, according to the Constitution of Serbia – Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija had unilaterally declared independence in 2008. They are not recognized by about half of the countries, including Russia and China. “Kosovo” has no representation in the UN.




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