The Russian Defense Ministry expressed surprise at statements made by some German politicians and Bundestag’s deputies, who expressed dissatisfaction with Russia’s plans to build at the Patriot Park a miniature of Berlin’s Reichstag of 1945, spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Friday.




“The construction of a miniature showing war-destroyed Reichstag of May, 1945, would be an important element of the military-historic landscape of the Patriot Park, thus symbolizing victory over Nazism, and the building’s miniature along with other objects in the park will play an important role in the patriotic upbringing of young people and Russian guests from other countries,” he said. “Thus, the attacks of some German politicians cause not only extreme surprise, but also make wonder followers of what ideas they are about “constructors” of the Third Reich in 1933-1945.”


Germany’s some politicians and lawmakers called the plans to build a miniature of Reichstag at the Patriot Park a provocation and demanded the German leadership expressed dissatisfaction to Russia.


“Planting of the red flag by military of the Red Army on building of the Nazi Reichstag in May, 1945 is a most well-known symbol of victory over the German Nazism and end of World War II,” the ministry’s spokesman said. “Somebody in Germany must have forgotten that from the burning Reichstag of February 27, 1933 Hitler and his “constructors” of the Third Reich began their way of burning bloodshed into the world.”


The Nazi defended Reichstag in 1945 in most fierce, bloody fights, where dozens of thousands of Soviet soldiers were killed, he said, and thus about the heroism of the Russian Army soldiers in fighting German Nazism, including in the attack on Reichstag in May, 1945, should not only know, but remember well all present and future generations both in Russia and in Germany.




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