Montenegro’s accession to NATO is an antidemocratic step against the interests of the people of the country, committed by the criminal non-replaceable power elite. This was stated by journalist and civil society activist from Podgorica Marco Milacic, speaking at a conference in Belgrade.


Marco Milachich noted that Montenegro was a “card” in the anti-Serbian politics, and now serves for the anti-Russian.


Opposition journalist, founder of the “Movement for the neutrality” Marco Milacic participates in the rally from Montenegro to Brussels. Their main purpose is to convey to the NATO headquarters the requirement for a referendum on the country’s accession to the military alliance (the authorities intend to take a decision “for” in a narrow circle of the Parliament).


“We decided to make the rally from Podgorica to Brussels through 9 countries. For 12 days we will drive more than 7000 km for a single idea – to achieve a referendum on NATO membership”, he said.




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