French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Thursday outlined an economic programme that includes corporate tax cuts and public sector redundancies, after facing increasing pressure to unveil a more detailed manifesto.




The former economy minister, who is one of the frontrunners in France’s two-stage presidential election this spring, also said he would stick to eurozone commitments to cut France’s budget deficit.


Macron has rallied wide support in recent weeks by promising to transcend old political divides and lead the country into the 21st century. But he had failed to outline any concrete policies until now.


The 39-year-old ex-banker told Les Echos newspaper in an interview Thursday that he would cut corporate taxes to 25 percent from the current 33.3 percent over the next five years.


He said he would also slash 120,000 government jobs over the same period.


“Unlike François Fillon, I don’t believe in a purge and in fixing the country against the people’s will,” Macron said, referring to his main conservative rival and the candidate for Les Républicains party.


Fillon has pledged to reduce the public sector headcount by 500,000 if elected president.




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