An airstrike by the US-led coalition against Daesh in Iraq’s Mosul killed Abdula Sulyiamani al-Jaburi who was responsible for the terror group’s anti-aircraft defense, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. John Dorrian said in a briefing on Wednesday.




“His death will degrade Daesh’s ability to defend the extremist control of Mosul from the coalition’s persistent airstrikes on their leaders,” Dorrian stated.


The coalition precision strike that killed al-Jaburi was conducted on January 4.


Another strike, carried out on January 12, eliminated Daesh leader Abu Abas al-Kiriashi who coordinated the movement of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices and suicide bombers in Iraq. Nearly a dozen of his associates have been killed as well, Dorrian noted.


Another Daesh leader, Haqi Ismail Ahmed al-Emri, was killed in a strike in Mosul on February 13.


“He [al-Emri] is a legacy al-Qaida Iraq member and had a leadership role in ISIS security networks in Mosul, further loosening the grip of ISIS on the population of the city,” Dorrian said.




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