Residents of Montenegro decided to personally convey opinion of the majority on their country’s entry into the military alliance to the NATO headquarters. On the eve a rally started from Podgorica, demanding a fair referendum in Montenegro on this historic issue.




For 12 days the activists will travel 7000 km and 12 states for the sake of an idea “the voice of the citizens of Montenegro to be heard,” said the announcement of the large-scale action by organizer the journalist Marco Milacic, leader of the movement “Resistance to hopelessness”, which is part of the opposition Democratic Front.


At the moment, the rally crossed the border and arrived in Serbia, the first destination is the town of Kosovska Mitrovica. Guests of Podgorica will conduct a series of meetings with Serbian politicians and social activists.


“The Montenegrin authorities don’t want to hold a referendum on the historic decision. And here, in Kosovo and Metohija, what is the “democracy of NATO” most clearly seen”, Milacic said during one of the meetings. According to him, the idea of the rally, demanding a referendum – the struggle for respect for the opinion of the people about NATO, and in the broad sense – defending the freedom of people.


Speaking of Serbia, Milacic noted that it chose a position of military neutrality, and it has become an important factor for peace and stability in the region.


Arrive to the final destination, Brussels, is scheduled for February 28th. There Montenegrin public figures will stay there for three days.




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