The opposition in Montenegro unanimously decided to boycott the local elections in Niksic in protest against the political trial against the deputies from the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic and Milan Knežević.



DF, Democratic Montenegro, Demos, civil movement URA, the Social Democrats and the Socialist People’s Party warned that they will not participate in these elections in case if Mandic and Knežević would be deprived of parliamentary immunity. This is what happened, and the opposition kept its promise.


Only the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists and close to her Social Democratic Party handed in their lists that de facto means one-party elections, according to the Montenegrin public.


Political scientist Nenad Pavicevic called DPS to refuse to participate in the elections, because such a vote – is “a step backward in the construction of Montenegro as a democratic community.”


However, it is unlikely. Despite the virtual absence of rivals, the ruling party announced their intention to “show their results and work plans” in the elections in Niksic on March 12 and the opposition was called “Moscow’s puppets.”




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