On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made another large advance through the Syrian Desert, liberating the Tarfah Al-Gharbiyah area located near the strategic Hayyan Gas Fields.



Following the liberation of this area, the Syrian Army managed to reach the Al-Mahr and Jazal gas fields for the first time since December; they are currently battling the Daesh for control of these sites.


As a result of Saturday’s advance, the Syrian Army is now within 10km of the Palmyra Triangle, marking their closest approach to the city since they conceded it to the Daesh in early December.


Led by the newly formed 5th Legion, the Syrian Army is not only concentrating on Palmyra, but also, the imperative gas fields located northwest of the city.


All but the Hayyan Gas Fields are currently under the Daesh’s control, so their liberation is one of the top priorities for the Syrian Army and their allies.




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