They travel by public transport through inland France to the sea and tunnel crossings near Calais. The gangs then gather at unguarded lorry parks, trying to sneak aboard UK-bound trucks. They prefer buses to trains because they can disembark before the terminus, where police would wait to arrest them.




Dover MP Charlie Elphicke said: “We must remain vigilant and keep the pressure on the French to stop the Jungle returning.”


Many of the migrants are staying at the 1,500-resident Grande Synthe camp in Dunkirk, 20 miles from Calais. Although it is patrolled by police the residents can catch a bus to Calais for just one euro.


Elphicke added: “It’s really important that these buses are stopped so that people can’t just go to Calais, try their luck and then go back in the evening to Dunkirk.”


Bus drivers can only accept 30 migrants per journey, but as many as 60 attempt to board.




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