The Sunday Telegraph published a piece marked “Exclusive” on obviously fabricated “Russian plot to overthrow the government of Montenegro”.



The most interesting is that the main article about this “Russian conspiracy” ends with the section “So whether the Kremlin is involved?”, in which this fact is in question, it is recognized that there is no evidence for this.


But who reads to the end those big articles? The main thing is to supply it with graphics labeled “Reconstruction”, and with article of regular commentator-Russophobe labeled “analysis” in which “the fact of” the Kremlin’s involvement did not even subjected to debates. And yet, the “sensation” is ready!




The main thing is how the operation is proved. Two “Russian agents” (one of which is called Shirokov and then Shirako – Well what a difference!) came in Serbia with “advanced devices”. It turns out that in these wonderful phones the speed dial had two numbers! Imagine how the FSB is much advanced in this sense, that it can use the speed dial numbers on smartphone! Still need another evidence?




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