Protesters clashed with riot police during a rally in central Kiev Sunday, while marking the third anniversary of the Maidan protests. Some protesters have been detained, as seen from the live coverage from Ukraine’s capital.


Medics have been dispatched to the site of the protests, live coverage by Hromadske TV shows.


Hromadske TV aired a live broadcast from near the building of the President’s Administration on Kiev’s main Khreshchatyk street.



A group of protesters is heading towards Kiev’s central Independence Square (Maidan square), Interfax Ukraine reports. The demonstrators have broken through the police cordon at the European Square (Evropeiskaya square), according to reports which add that police are trying to contain the crowd.


Yury Zozulya, head of Kiev’s National Police, denied reports of scuffles between protesters and police, Obshchestvennoye TV (Public TV) quoted him as saying. “These are not scuffles. People are looking for provocations and a [dramatic] picture,” Zozulya said.