German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to remain committed to improving relations with Russia despite disagreements. She added that Russia and the West have a common interest in fighting terrorism.




“Over the past 25 years, we haven’t been able to establish stable relations with Russia, but Russia is our neighbor, it’s an EU external border,” Merkel said as cited by TASS news agency.


Merkel said she would not cease to be committed to maintaining good relations with Russia, despite differing opinions on various issues.


In particular, Merkel said, “it is important… to go on working in the framework of the Russia-NATO Council, and the common fight against Islamic terrorism.”


The West and Russia have “the same interests” in the fight against terrorism, and can cooperate on this issue, Merkel added. The international community should draw a distinct line between the peaceful Islam, and Islamic terrorism, Merkel added, also saying that Muslim countries should participate in the fight, too.


Merkel also called for discussion on the idea of hybrid war at a session of the Russia-NATO Council.




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