Tony Blair has been slammed by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for attempting to derail Brexit, after the former prime minister called for ‘Remainers’ to “rise up” against Britain’s EU exit in his first major public speech on the issue since the referendum.


Johnson, Blair


Johnson accused the former Labour PM of “insulting the intelligence” of voters and showing “contempt” towards them for trying to the derail Brexit.


“I call on the British people to rise up and turn off the TV when Tony Blair next appears with his condescending campaign,” Johnson mocked.


Speaking in the City of London for the first time since the EU referendum on June 23, Blair said he would take on the “mission” to urge Remainers to “rise up” against the government’s intent to carry out Brexit at “any cost.”


But the foreign secretary hit back, saying the British public had been warned about the potential negative impact of Brexit on the country’s economy.


“Of course there will be elections down the line. Be in no doubt that the people of this country were told all sorts of claptrap about the economic consequences of leaving the EU.


“They were told there would be a punishment budget, they were told the economy would go off a cliff.”


Johnson also slammed Blair for approving the UK’s intervention in Iraq back in 2003, a controversial decision which he claimed the country is still paying for.




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