The United States is looking for solidarity with Europe regarding sanctions on Russia and thinks it is too early to lift the measures, US Department of State senior official said in a briefing.


“We are looking for — President [Donald Trump] himself has said that it’s too early to talk about lifting sanctions, so we are looking for solidarity with Europe on these series of measures that we’ve agreed,” the official told reporters on Wednesday.


At the same time, the official said that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will hold an official bilateral meeting in Bonn, Germany on Thursday, during which they will discuss possible areas for collaboration.


“There’s obviously a whole world of — a whole global agenda for them to discuss and I wouldn’t want to preview that ahead of time. I think it’s pretty clear that we’re going to look for areas for cooperation, but also honoring commitments,” the official said on Wednesday.




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