The responsibility for ongoing military operations in Donbass lies with the official Kiev. Such opinion is demonstrated by a public opinion poll conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology among residents of Ukraine. 


’65.5% of Ukrainians believe that the hostilities in Donbas continue because they are beneficial to the Ukrainian government and the oligarchs. 15.9% are of the opposite opinion,’ say the results of the study. 


38.8% of Ukrainians believe that the government deliberately disrupts the Minsk Agreements. 39.6% of the respondents do not agree with this statement.


According to the data of sociologists, Ukrainians also believe that the information on the situation in the combat zone is not sufficiently covered in the country. In particular, 39.6% believe the data on casualties among the Ukrainian troops incomplete, and 35.6% believe false the information on civilian casualties. 


The survey was conducted from 3 to 12 December 2016, there were interviewed 2,040 respondents living in 110 localities of Ukraine, with the exception of Donbass territories unoccupied by Kiev.