All the participants in Astana talks on Syria have taken a constructive approach, Alexander Lavrentyev, head of the Russian delegation and presidential special envoy for Syria, said on Wednesday.




“All the sides have shown a constructive approach and we hope that tomorrow the results of meticulous work will be presented to your attention,” Lavrentyev said adding the work “is being carried out not only in Astana but also in the format of almost daily inter-departmental consultations.”


More opposition groups seek to join the ceasefire in Syria:


“The example of Astana-1 has turned out to be quite attractive. So more and more armed units of the opposition are willing to join this process and to sign agreements with Russia as a guarantor,” Lavrentyev said. “This is welcome. For this purpose, a Jordanian delegation, who represents some of the opposition activists – the so-called ‘southern front,’ attends the consultations.”


Difficulties at the Astana talks on Syria are surmountable and an agreement may be finalized at Thursday’s session, Lavrentyev added.


“Today, since early morning we have been having detailed consultations between different sides, including the Syrian opposition, on various aspects of the Syria settlement,” he said. “The work is going ahead rather well but there are certain difficulties on this way. They are surmountable and will try to have come to an agreement by tomorrow.”