German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party (CDU) is expected to get 30 percent of the votes and falls one percentage point behind the SPD, the survey demonstrated.


Merkel, Schulz


The poll also showed that the Greens and the far-left Linke party were likely to gain seven and 10 percent of the votes, while the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany was expected to receive 12 percentage points and enter the national parliament, surpassing the five-percent threshold.


The popularity of the SPD has increased by 10 percent over January and February, while, in late December, the same pollster said the party was expected to receive 20.5 percent of the votes.


The Germany’s parliamentary elections are slated for September 24. Germany’s conservative parties agreed on February 6 to nominate Merkel as their candidate for chancellor. Schulz was nominated by the SPD on January 29, after the party’s former leader Sigmar Gabriel announced his withdrawal from the race.




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