The leaders of the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic (New Serbian Democracy) and Milan Knezevic (Democratic People’s Party) commented on the recent decision of the Prosecutor’s Office on withdrawal of their parliamentary immunity.


Thus, the deputy Knezevic is sure this is not a consequence of the legitimate conclusions of the Prosecutor’s Office, but only an action against the opposition planned by the head of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists Milo Djukanovic.


“Djukanovic’s action reiterated that he is the leader of the gang, against which we fought in the October elections, – said Knezevic. – Charges against us are lies from the beginning until the end”. 


“We are not afraid, our struggle continues”, he added.


The removal of immunity resulted from accusations that the “Democratic Front” MPs allegedly relate to the attempted coup on October 16 last year, the day of parliamentary elections in Montenegro. At the same time, even the fact of the coup attempt is highly questionable, and is more like a PR campaign of the Prime Minister Djukanovic’s party, DF and other opposition political forces suggest.