Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump are so far scheduled to meet in person at the G20 summit in July, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, noting that there has been no specific arrangement for the meeting to take place earlier.




“We have no specific information regarding the possible meeting between Putin and Trump so far, we have not even considered the dates yet. Assuming that there is a G20 summit in July this year, one way or the other the presidents will meet there, but, as you know, there has been talk about the possibility of an earlier meeting. So far there is nothing specific in this regard,” Peskov told the press on Monday.


Last week, Putin said that a possible venue for the first encounter with Trump could be Ljubljana, Slovenia, but stated that the choice of venue did not depend on Moscow alone. Putin noted that he also met with former US President Barack Obama in the Slovenian capital.


Both Putin and Trump have repeatedly said they want to try to mend US-Russian relations, which were severely damaged under the previous president. The two recently had a phone conversation, seen by many in Moscow and in Washington as a “good start,” and a significant shift from the rhetoric of the previous US administration.