French far-right National Front party launched a petition to support police after a series of protests against law enforcement violence in Parisian suburbs, the party’s leader, presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen, said on Monday.


Le Pen


Over the weekend, several Parisian suburbs witnessed protests against police violence linked to the recently emerged details of the February 2 detention of a young man called Theo in Aulnay-sous-Bois commune, who was allegedly raped and violently beaten at the time of his arrest.


“At the time of riots and everyday violence toward our brave law enforcement, sign and share our petition ‘I support police,'” Le Pen said on her Facebook.



On Sunday, the National Front leader said she supported police “in principle” except in cases where it was proven to have violated laws.


Le Pen also criticized the violent nature of the recent protests, with French media reporting that several cars were set on fire and windows broken.




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