Jean-Claude Juncker has announced he is to quit as European Commission President after one term as he revealed he fears Brexit will divide the bloc in a “continental tragedy”.


The former Luxembourg Prime Minister said he will not be running for a second term in 2019 despite spouting forth about how he “fell in love with Europe again” and its diversity during the last election campaign in 2014.


Junker, May


Europe’s biggest fan has now said he fears the 27 remaining members of the European Union (EU) will fall out over Brexit negotiations.


“The fact that a country is leaving – above all a large, important, influential country – remains a continental tragedy in my opinion. The other 27 are not yet aware of this, but the Brits know very well how they can tackle it. I fear the British will be able to divide the other 27 member states without great effort by promising country A this and country B that and country C something else”, he told German radio Deutschlandfunk.