The Syrian government will demand apologies from the countries that were destroying Syria and now seek a role in its reconstruction, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Adib Mayalah said on Monday.




In an interview with Al Mayadeen television, he said the Syrian authorities were keeping an eye on the companies that had announced their bid to provide services in restoration of Syria’s national economy.


“The countries that were trying to destroy the Syrian state by backing armed gangs now have its economy in sights. They want to find their way into Syria via firms and nongovernmental foundations they are setting up in neighboring Lebanon and in countries upholding neutrality in the conflict,” the minister noted.


He said one of such funds supervised by the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces has appeared in Syria.


“We warn these countries that the Syrian government has political terms. Before letting them participate in reconstruction process, we will demand that these countries apologize to the Syrian people and publicly acknowledge that they made a mistake,” Adib Mayalah said.


The TV channel lists Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, France and the United Kingdom as the main sponsors of the armed opposition.