French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told Europe 1 broadcaster on Sunday that she supported the police, except when they were shown to break the law, and expressed regret over people showing their hatred of France.


Le Pen


Earlier in the day, French media reported that about 30 people were detained after thousands took to the streets in the Paris suburbs to denounce the violent actions taken by police officers during the detention of a 22-year-old man named Theo in the Aulnay-sous-Bois commune.


“As a matter of principle, I support police, with the exception of the justice system demonstrating… that the actions against the law could be committed,” Le Pen said.


Le Pen denounced the violence referring to the reports of damages inflicted by the protesters.


“A number of thugs… are looking for every possible excuse to pour out their hatred of France, their hatred of law-based state, their hatred of the police, through smashing, shattering, attacking the law enforcement and [on Saturday] though setting fire to a car in which there were small children,” Le Pen said.


The far-right National Front party leader said that it was necessary to “tighten the screws” and to give the police the means to do their job.


The presidential candidate said that the restoration of capital punishment in the country should be decided via the referendum.


Le Pen also reiterated some of the ideas set out in her election manifesto, including the necessity to end dual citizenship in France.


Earlier in the month, police detained and violently beat Theo over his alleged ties to drug dealing. On February 5, one of the police officers was charged with rape, and three of his colleagues with deliberate violence.




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