The Syrian army killed over 650 terrorists and terrorists’ hardware in their operation to free the town of Tadif near al-Bab.




“During the fighting near the Tadif populated area, the [Syrian] government forces killed more than 650 terrorists, destroyed two tanks, four armored personnel carriers, 18 off-road vehicles equipped with heavy weapons, seven mortars and six ‘jihad-mobiles’,” the Defense Ministry said.


According to the Russian ministry, Tadif which is located in Aleppo province’s north-east was “one of the most fortified strongholds of terrorists near al-Bab.”


After liberating Tadif, the Syrian army agreed with Turkey on a demarcation line with Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army opposition fighters.


“As a result of the advance, the Syrian government forces have reached a demarcation line with the Free Syrian Army’s units as it had been agreed with the Turkish side.”


Moreover, the Syrian government forces have gained control over a strategic highway leading to Raqqa.


“Daesh fighters in al-Bab used to receive arms and ammunition via the highway leading to Raqqa,” the ministry said.


Currently, the Syrian army is approaching al-Bab controlled by Daesh from the west and south, while the Turkish-led forces are attempting to advance into and liberate the town from the north and the east.




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